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All Bangla Newspapers

This site is one of the gretest Bangladesh Newspaper Journal which provides you all kind of Bagnladeshi Newspapers and Bangla News Sites. Based on category including BD News, Prothom Alo, Bangla News24, Bangladesh Pratidin News, BD 24 Live, and Bangla Newspaper.

Bangla Newspapers highlited with Regional, City, Divistion, District, National, International, and Online Newspaper.

This Page Provides → Bangla NewsEnglishBanglaNational (All Newspapers From Bangaldesh)

Gradually Bangladeshi News sites popularity is going viral to the universe. Comparing this arena Bangladesh is the listed country for its news media although it a small country of Asia.

Nowadays Bangla newspapers printed versions are highly popular and trusted to readers! Now let’s see All Bangla Newspapers in a list.

Let’s dive into the Online Bangla Newspapers. All of the sites can allow you to read them online. You can read, bookmark, share, print, and save them as your wish. If you face any errors just try to reload them using Ctrl+R On Windows and Cmd+R on Mac.

All Bangla Newspapers is not only a list of Bangla Newspapers. You can read here the English version of them and The Bangladeshi English multilingual newspaper. 

Bangaldesh ePaper Online

ePaper is an electronic print media. The version of a newspaper can be read and printed easily with a .jpeg .jpg .png format called ePaper. ePaper is a daily morning printed version online. Some of the newspapers give them free to readers and some of the newspapers make them paid subscriptions. ePaper doesn’t update hourly like online newspapers. All Bangla ePaper is included in this list for you guys who like to read daily newspaper online.

All Bangla Online Newspapers

Online Newspapers & News Media provides daily updates and the latest news Online. Printed newspapers press 24 hours national and international news every morning. Onthecontry online newspapers publish latest updated 1 hours in a row.

This is the marvelous advantage point of online newspapers. For that reason, smart and aware persons read news online using their Smartphones, Computer, Tabloid, Android, and iOS applications.

Here we included Online Bangla Newspapers. The National, International, TV Channel, Radio Channel, Private, or Government newspapers are highlighted here for reading.

You can be reading here breaking news, business news, political news, national news, local news, daily updates, current affairs, and many more just click on any of them which you like best. I ensure you that all of the newspapers here are active and viewable and printable with your desk printer.

All Local Newspapers In Bangla

There are 300 plus Newspapers in Bangladesh. All of the newspapers release their daily news every morning. Here you can read all the local Newspapers In Bangladesh. Local means Divisional and District Newspaper Bangladesh. It has 64 districts in Bangladesh and 7 divisions. All of the areas have local Newspapers based online. All Bangla Newspapers below are released local newspaper daily basis from their local office.

Popular International Newspapers

Here is the list of International Newspapers In Bangladesh. All of the newspapers are printed in the English language. Their main focus is to present Bangladesh to the International area with global and national news.

In this list, some newspapers are in Bangladesh and some of them are known as international newspapers from other countries. You can hit them for reading from any corner of the world using the Internet Technology.

Popular Newspaper In India

This category is specially arranged with Indian Bangla Newspapers. There are millions of people living in India who use Bangla as their mother language. We just try to cover some Indian Newspapers in this list for that reason.

These are the all latest active newspapers in Bangladesh. All of news sites is checked manually by our stuff editor for ensure the readers. Here I will try to cover All Bangla Newspaper, Bangla Newspapers, and Online Bangla Newspaper. You can bookmarks all bangla newspaper list in your browser tab to read for the next time and regular basis. All of them are daily news paper in Bangladesh. 

List of All Dhaka Newspapers and Online News Portals

In this area, you will be able to find Bangladesh Newspapers released and published from the capital of the city Dhaka. Dhaka newspapers are especially popular with Dhaka people. All of the new sites are active online for reading and learning.

All West Bengal India Newspaper (Kolkata)

Bangladesh Newspapers

“All I know is what I read in the papers”
-Will Rogers

“You know? This is what happened there.” – is probably the most saying speech when a person meets with another. Newspaper is as a mirror of a nation . it’s a magic that you are sitting on your sofa but getting news of a country which is thousands kilometers away from your home. And it’s all possible by the great ’’Newspaper’’.

Hundreds of newspapers printed all over Bangladesh, providing current affairs,events,updated news to the people. Here are also some local newspapers which are printed for only exact districts. Despite of having social media as competitor, newspapers are still claiming it’s highest popularity. Newspapers like daily prothom alo, Bangladesh protidin, ittefaq , jugantor , daily kaler kantho , daily naya diganta, daily inquilab , daily manab zamin, daily amader shamay , vorer pata, shomoyer alo, daily bartoman, jay jay din , daily bhorer kagoj , daily suprovat , sangbad , manab kantha , dhakar dak , daily dinkal, daily star , desh rupantor , ajkaler khabar , business standard , daily jagran , samakal etc are renowned to people in Bangladesh.

Maximum newspapers are only 5 tk so it’s happily affordable for readers. Also they are in bangla & English version hence people can pick for them by their interest. Although bangla newspapers are much available & equally appreciated by all kind of people , few are like business man or students choose English version.

Bangladeshi newspapers also provide weekly or monthly magazines to keep entertained readers. Some features about all aspects of daily lifestyle , or some only features on an exact topic as like sports , commentary, women style.

Online Bangla Newspapers

In fact , to stay connected with readears, there are available online newspaper or e-paper. Very familiar online newspaper we can see around are bangle tribune , jagonews24 .com, risingbd, Dhaka times, ,,,amader

They are very easy to read & people can also share their comments , opinions via internet . besides, they save money & paper. Some renowned newspaper sites are such as prothom alo is paid service. But most of them are absolutely free.

In modern days , you want to be a smart person so you have to be always updated which completely impossible without reading newspaper. Newspaper can enrich your knowledge, help you to think creatively , besides you get to know people’s opinion , mindset , their thinking ways around the world. Whatever, from a student to a service holder, people of every types of profession;. newspaper is an unavoidable usual item in life.

All Bangla Newspaper

In Bangladesh, the print media is considered to be an important part of the country’s democratic process. The media industry in Bangladesh is rapidly growing and there are many online newspapers that provide daily updated news and information.

Newspapers have been a major source of information for the general public in Bangladesh since the time they were introduced. They provide an unbiased and objective coverage of local, national and international news.

The first newspaper published in Bangladesh was “The Observer” which was founded by Syed Abdul Hadi and published on January 18, 1859. The first Bengali-language newspaper was “Saptahik Sambad” (weekly magazine) which was founded by Dinesh Chandra Sen on September 4, 1888.

As of July 2018, there are 34 newspapers in Bangladesh with a combined circulation of 3 million copies per day (1% penetration).

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