List of All Barisal Newspapers and Barisal News Portals

Barisal Newspapers is one of the oldest newspapers in Bangladesh. It was founded in 1947 and has been published continuously since then. It was the first newspaper to start publishing in the Bengali language and has won several awards for its editorial content.

The Barisal News Portal is a news portal that publishes information about Barisal, Bangladesh and other parts of the world. It provides news, weather updates, local events, and more to its readers. The portal also includes a variety of articles from different sources including research papers from universities and think tanks, opinion pieces from experts or journalists, and reports from international organizations or NGOs.

Barisal Newspapers & News Sites

Barisal Newspaper & News Media Online

Barisal Newspaper & News Media Online is a website that provides news, current affairs and other information related to the Barisal city.

The website is managed by the Barisal Press Club, which has been publishing newspapers since 1962. The club publishes two tabloid-sized newspapers: