List of All Khulna Newspapers and Online News Portals

Khulna is a city in Bangladesh with a population of about 1.2 million. It is the administrative headquarters of Khulna District, and it has been named as the city of peace and harmony.

Khulna Newspapers: The Khulna newspapers are published in Bengali language on the basis of daily, weekly, monthly and special issues. The Khulna Daily Newspaper is published from Monday to Saturday while The Weekly Khulna News Magazine is published on Mondays.

Online News Portals: Online news portals have become a popular source of information for people who live in cities like Dhaka or Chittagong. These online news portals are mostly written in Bengali language but some might be written in English or other languages depending on their region and target readership.

Khulna Newspapers And News Sites

The History of Khulna Online News Portals

Khulna Online News Portals (KONP) is a digital news portal in Bangladesh. It was established on February 1, 2011. KONP is one of the top news portals in Bangladesh and it has been providing information on current affairs, politics and economy since its inception.

The history of Khulna Online News Portals (KONP) began with the establishment of Khulna Online in 2008 by a group of journalists from different media organizations in Khulna city. In 2009, KONP was established as an online news portal for the people of Khulna city and surrounding areas by merging with Khulna Online. In 2011, it became a digital newspaper publishing company under the name “Khulna Online News Portal”.