Prothom Alo – Daily Online Bangla Newspaper

Prothom Alo is a Daily Bangla Newspaper in Bangaldesh. It is the most popular newspapers and first catagory newspapers with multi lingual newspapers. It providese english and bangla news based on print and online versions.  

Prothom Alo Online Newspapers

Prothom Alo Online is a online version of daily prothom alo newspapers. It is not fully similar with printed version but a most of the primary news. It is  totally free for online readers. You can visit the link for reading thhis newspapers. It also provide the 24 hours latest updates with organic source.

eProthomAlo is a electronic version of daily printed prothom alo newspaper. It is the paid version of daily newspapers. It was free at first time but now it is paid. It is the source of 15 years old newspapers archive of daily newspaper. It has 7 printed source of daily local language newspaper. If you read online printed daily newspaper at home or from abroad then it the right way to get original version. But here you have to pay first with weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions.

Prothom Alo English is the English version on prothomalo online newspaper. It is the free version similar with online bangla. Here in this website all news are written by english for international journal or people. You can read it from Bangladesh or anywhere.